Winter Activities

There is a lot you can do in Innsbruck…

Skiing, snowboarding or ski touring, are just a few possibilities for a wide range of sporty activities, on and off the official tracks. Choose from a variety of winter sports like Tobogganing for the little ones as well as grown-ups, cross-country skiing on well prepared and maintained trails, Ice-skating or Ice-climbing, as well as relaxing winter hikes.

A very special experience to enjoy in Innsbruck is the Christmas Market during the advent season, as well as numerous artistically impressive Manger-Exhibitions. And on year’s end: Celebrate New years eve with the Innsbrucker Bergsilvester.

Winter Impressions

For more information about sightseeing, shopping, sports activities or current exhibitions and festivals in Innsbruck and surrounding areas please visit the official Innsbruck Website.

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